We have many activities that we enjoy doing:

  • Cooking
  • Story time
  • Craft time
  • Role play
  • Shopping (for the ingredients we need to make yummy recipes)
  • Free play
  • Outdoor play

    We also have a wide range of equipment and toys to suit all ages and stages of development an example of these are: 

    • Books
    • Puzzles and jigsaws
    • Role play (house equipment / dressing up)
    • Prams and dolls
    • Cars and garage
    • Train set
    • Construction / building blocks
    • Farm / zoo animals 
    • Music / singing / dancing
    • Playdoh / paints / sticking
    • Ball pool
    • Water play
    • Baby toys
    • Ride on toys
    • Tent / tunnel
    • Games 

    We make good use of the local playgroups available, including 'Little Learners', 'Messy Doodles' and 'Move and Groove' all of which are on at the local Children's Centre, We also like to make use of the Children's Centre garden when the weather is nice and take picnics.  It is a nice safe enclosed area that the children can play with toilet facilities and picnic benches. 

    We visit Redruth Library where the children can choose their own books to take out, which are to be kept here and we often attend the 'Baby Bounce' singing / rhyming group. 

    We also like to enjoy the local parks when the weather is good.  


    In order to keep you informed of what your child has been up to during the day I will keep a daily diary, this will contain information as to what your child has eaten, what sleeps they have had and what activities they have enjoyed throughout the day.  This will go home with the child at the end of each day and is a place where parents can write any messages or comments.  I can also do this via email with photographs if preferred.  I will also be doing observations to help me plan the children's next activities  and ensure they have access to activities and toys which will further their learning and development.