Why Choose a Childminder? 

It can be very difficult when looking for childcare to know what to do for the best.  There are lots of options and I think in order to make the best decision you need to look at what your child needs and what you as a family need.  There are many benefits to using a childminder that can help to make family life easier. 

  • A home from home setting - your child will be cared for in a home environment which can make settling in easier
  • Your child will be cared for by one childminder providing good continuity of care.
  • Small groups of children means all the children can get attention and get involved in the activites.
  • Flexible hours - Childminders are able to be more flexible with hours as well as work through the holidays and before/after school.
  • Flexibility with routines - For example, if your child will only nap in a pushcahir this can be accomodated by sleeping on a walk to the park, playgroup etc.  This is something that bigger establishment with more children are not always able to offer 
  • Most childminders are parents themselves, so have the experience of bringing up children.
  • Childminders have the flexibility and the ability to be spontanious with activities, for example if I had planned an indoor activity, but the weather was lovely we could take that activity out to the garden or park.  If we wake in the morning and it is snowing, this just provides adventure and excitement.
  • All registered childminders are inspected by Ofsted so you can be reasurred that your childminder is delivering all the care and opportunities that your child would get in any other setting.
  • All registered childminders and any adult (over the age of 16) living on the property where childminding is taking place has to have an enhanced CRB check.
  • All childminders have to hold a current paediatric first aid certificate.